Chapter 10: General relativistic models for space-time coordinates and equations of motion

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  • XHF2002_IERS.F - Driver for the routine HF2002_IERS.F.
  • HF2002_IERS.F - Routine to compute TCB-TCG at the geocenter, derived from xhf2002.f (see below).
  • xhf2002.f - Driver and routine to compute "time ephemeris" = (TCB-TCG)*(1-L_B).[1]
  • fb2001.f - Program to compute periodic terms of the approximation to the TCB-TCG formula. [2]
    • Input parameters are in file and results in file fb2001.out.

Additional Information

  • README file for fb2001.f.[2]
  • Input file for fb2001.f: Range of Julian dates, step of computation, flag to be set to T if dates are in TCB, F if dates are in TT.
  • Output sample file from fb2001.f.
  • Data file for fb2001.f.[3]
  • Output sample file from xhf2002.f.
  • Data file for xhf2002.f.
  • Additional Supporting Material is available for this chapter.

[1] Provided by W. Harada and T. Fukushima

[2] Written by A.W. Irwin

[3] Provided by P. Bretagnon