Packaged Versions Now Available for IERS Conventions

28 December 2018

The IERS Conventions Centre is now providing packaged versions of chapter software and text as modifications are made to the content. All tarball packages can be downloaded from our packaged content site.

Additionally, we will no longer be hosting two sets of the Conventions (Official and Updated). Instead, we will be hosting one set of chapters, where each chapter will be clearly marked if the content has been updated. The Official IERS Conventions (2010) edition (software and text) can be downloaded as a tarball, known as v1.0.0. Beginning with v1.2.0, refer to the file contained in each tarball for a description of modifications.

Conventions versions will abide by the following criteria:
    The IERS Conventions uses incremental sequence increases to indicate the current version following the pattern vMajor.Update.Minor.

  • Major will be incremented when a new official IERS Conventions is released. (The official IERS Conventions (2010) software release will be considered v1.0.0)

  • Update will be incremented when substantial or significantly consequential updates are introduced to the original Major version.

  • Minor will be incremented when minor updates or bug fixes are introduced to the Update or Major version.

If you have any questions regarding the new versions or website layout, please contact us.