GitLab Workshop Offered for Conventions Contributors

26 April 2019

The IERS Conventions Centre is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a GitLab workshop following the Journées 2019 meeting in Paris, France on the afternoon of 9 October 2019.

What will the workshop cover?

The workshop will include a hands-on tutorial lead by Maria Davis from the IERS Conventions Centre, followed by a Question and Answer period to address any remaining questions you may have. Any remaining time will be dedicated to assisting with any individual needs.

The tutorial will focus on step-by-step procedures and concepts needed to utilize GitLab for the Conventions. However, the material is generally applicable to using GitLab.

Why should I attend?

Whether we are collaborating with a colleague down the hall or across the world, a common method of co-editing a document involves emailing TeX, PDF, or Word documents between collaborators and renaming those files to indicate an updated version. This file sharing method can be confusing, leading to duplicated effors, misunderstandings, and avoidable errors.

Therefore, the IERS Conventions Centre has moved all chapter text and associated software to a Git repository to better manage chapter updates and improve the collaborative process. All chapter contributors participating in the Conventions re-write are strongly encouraged to use the GitLab infrastructure in this process.

We understand that Git and GitLab are new to many people, which is why we are offering a workshop! If you will be attending Journées 2019, or you will be in Paris on 9 October, please consider attending.

Who else uses Git?

Major Research Institutions, Universities, and Private Industry all over the world, including:

How do I register?

Please email the following information to conventions @
Committment level at this time:
(Yes, I will be attending; I'm not sure, but I'm interested.)
Any specific topics you would like covered:

If you're not sure you can make it, please let us know you're considering attending.