Call to Participate in the IERS Conventions

6 February 2018 (Updated: 19 June 2018)

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) provides the publication, IERS Conventions, in both printed and electronic formats, defining the standard reference systems realized by IERS products and containing the conventional models, procedures, constants, and standards used for this purpose. The publication is maintained by an IERS Convention Centre (IERS CC) with Co-chairs Christian Bizouard (Paris Observatory) and Nick Stamatakos (U. S. Naval Observatory). The IERS intends to publish a new edition of this publication containing the most current information.

IERS is seeking volunteer participants as Chapter Editor-in-Chief, Chapter/Assistant Experts, and Software Editor to contribute to this project. Interested candidates should submit their curricula vitae along with a letter from their sponsoring institution that ensures continuing support for this effort, as directed in the link below. (While a letter from the sponsoring institution is not required for an application to be considered, it is highly desirable.)

How to Apply

(Application Deadline Extended: 29 June 2018)

Responsibilities and selection criteria for each role are as follows:

(1) One Editor-in-Chief for each chapter shall have responsibilities that include:

a) Coordinating with Chapter Experts to create an advance outline,
b) Evaluating Chapter Expert contributions,
c) Resolving possible disputes between Chapter Experts, and
d) Coordinating with the Software Editor to ensure software and Conventions are self-consistent.

Selection criteria: Candidates should have experience in a) editing and proof-reading technical or academic papers, reports, journals, or text books, b) supervising and managing a team of technical experts, and c) working on IERS Conventions or related texts. It is anticipated that some of the Chapter Editor-in-Chief selections may be selected from the IERS CC.

(2) One to three Chapter Experts for each chapter shall have responsibilities that include:

a) Proposing an advance chapter outline to the Chapter Editor-in-Chief,
b) Writing the chapter content,
c) Coordinating Chapter software changes with the Chapter Software Editor, and
d) Developing new software as required (or coordinating with Chapter Editor-in-Chief to identify an alternate developer).
(See Annex 1 for more specific details on chapter requirements.)

Selection criteria: Candidates should be recognized experts in the field related to the chapter, with more than 10 years of experience in that field and at least 10 related papers/posters. Those not chosen as Chapter Experts could be asked to serve as Assistant Experts. Chapter Experts may also recommend possible chapter interns to assist with English-language support. All participating individuals will be recognized appropriately.

(3) One Software Editor shall have responsibilities that include:

a) Coordinating, evaluating, and archiving IERS Conventions software associated with each Chapter, and coordinating test cases for validation purposes and
b) Answering questions regarding IERS Conventions software and coordinating with the Chapter Experts and Chapter Editors-in-Chief to ensure the software and Conventions are self-consistent.

Selection criteria: Candidates should have experience using data repositories, managing software testing and validation processes, and managing software version control for distribution. The Software Editor may be selected from the IERS CC.

If you have any questions regarding this posting, please contact us.