Chapter 8: Tidal variations in the Earth's rotation

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  • ORTHO_EOP.F - Subroutine to compute the diurnal and semidiurnal variations in the Earth orientation. Calls subroutine CNMTX. [1]
  • CNMTX.F - Subroutine called by ORTHO_EOP to compute the time dependent part of the second degree diurnal and semidiurnal tidal potential.[1]
  • RG_ZONT2.F - Subroutine to compute the effects of zonal Earth tides on the rotation of the Earth.[2] Calls subroutine FUNDARG.
  • FUNDARG.F - Subroutine to compute the lunisolar fundamental arguments from the model. [3]

[1] Provided by R. Eanes

[2] Provided by R. Gross

[3] Provided by Simon et al. (1994)